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Emulsifying Machine

      1. RHJ-A Vacuum Emulsifying MachineThe RHJ-A vacuum emulsifying machine is widely applied in the mixing process of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products. It is equipped with a homogenizer on the bottom. The power of our machine can be increased and the max rotation speed is up to 12000r/min with a large stirring power.
      1. RHJ-B Vacuum Mixing Emulsifying MachineThe RHJ-B vacuum mixing emulsifying machine is designed to mix makeup, cream and ointment, toothpaste and other high viscosity materials. This type of machine can realize internal circulation homogenization or external circulation homogenization. The mixing capacity is up to 3000L.
      1. RHJ-C Mixing Emulsifying MachineThe Yuxian RHJ-C mixing emulsifying machine adopts a vacuum suction system with adjustable speed mixer, which is especially suitable for all kinds of cosmetic liquid, emulsion, cream and ointment processing. The max rotation speed of the mixer is up to 3600r/min while the low rotation speed is 0~63r/min.
      1. RHJ-D High Shear Mixer Emulsifying MachineOur RHJ-D high shear mixer emulsifying machine features a max rotation speed of 6000r/min and adopts bidirectional mixing system which is suitable for the mixing of cosmetic products, emulsions, cream and ointment, and pharmaceuticals and so on.
      1. RHJ-E Spiral Mixing Emulsifying MachineThe RHJ-E spiral mixing emulsifying machine is used to mix ointment, unguent, cosmetic products, food, cream and other emulsions. This type of emulsifying machine is equipped with a spiral mixer, which is especially suitable for materials with high viscosity and solid content.

The vacuum emulsifying machine designed and produced by Yuxiang is produced in a selection of models with a wide range of applications in daily chemical care products, medicine, food, coatings, ink, pesticides, and many other chemical processing operations. Our emulsifier is especially suited for high viscosity materials with a high level of solid content.

The homogenizing systems of our vacuum emulsifying machine include upper homogenization, lower homogenization, internal and external circulation homogenization. The mixing systems include single-way mixing, double-way mixing and helical ribbon mixing. The lifting systems include single-cylinder lifting and double-cylinder lifting. Various high quality equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

Emulsifying machine system major component
Water phase vessel
Oil phase vessel
Emulsifying vessel
Vacuum system (vacuum degree of -0.095MPA)
Lifting system
Electronic control system
Working platform
Heating system

Safety protection system
1. When the emulsifying machine is in operation, the emulsifying vessel creates a vacuum condition and the pot cover does not directly lift to protect the safety of workers.
2. After the lifting of the emulsifying pot cover, the machine will stop. If the pot is covered without sealing, the mixing function will not start either.
3. If the pot cover doesn't lift to highest point, there is no way to pour the emulsifying pot.
4. The pressure of steam in the interlayer of vessel can automatically discharge when excess the setting value.
5. Freezing water of emulsifying vessel can automatically discharge when the pressure exceeds the set value.
6. The alarm will sound when the beam of mixing vessel is lifted.
7. The electrical control system is equipped with a shutdown function. Customers can stop machine immediately in emergency.
8. The equipment rack and electrical box are all labelled with safety and alarms.

Yuxiang as a leading emulsifying machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly provides emulsion mixing equipment for cosmetics manufacturing, household chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Our company offer complete process line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, emulsifying, homogenizing, filling and sealing as well as custom solutions. For the different types of materials like lotion, cream, ointment products, our emulsifying mixer machines can be designed and configured in customer needs.

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