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Wrap Labeling Machine

  • Wrap Labeling Machine
  • Wrap Labeling Machine

The labeling machine can be customized to meet customer requirements, and is used to label round bottles, cone bottles or flat bottles. These bottles are used for just about anything, ranging from hair products, to cosmetics, to food and drink, and everything in between.

The equipment uses a PLC control system that can operate independently, or as part of a production line. The speed of the main part of the machine can be arbitrarily adjusted between 0.5-40 m / min, in line with customer production line production speed.

Labeling speed 40 meter per min
Labeling accuracy ≤0.1mm
Label maximum diameter Φ330 mm
Core diameter 76.2 mm
The maximum height of the label 190mm
The maximum height of the object 30-155mm
Overall size L2000*W800*H1400(mm)
Total Weight 250 kg
Use gas source 4-6kg/cm2
Power supply 220V 50 Hz
Power 1500W

Main part of the machine
PLC program controller
Label electric eye
Photoelectric detection switch
Bottle guide body
Bottle allocate body
Round bottle body

1. Round bottle body: Using three-roller automatic positioning reduces labelling errors caused by unknown factors, and thus improves the labeling accuracy.
2. The rubber covered roller for standard round bottles is 168mm, making it suitable for labeling bottles at 168mm and below.
3. The labeling angle on the labeling head can easily be adjusted, making it easy to paste a variety of otherwise difficult labels.
4. The equipment can store more than 100 parameter sets.
5. The equipment is best for round bottle labeling, but for other shaped products, with the addition of different components, labels can be easily attached.

Yuxiang as a reliable wrap labeling machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly provides labeling equipment for cosmetics bottles and drink bottles. Our company offer complete liquid and cream process line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, emulsifying, homogenizing, filling and sealing as well as custom solutions.

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