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Shampoo and Detergent Manufacturing Line
Toothpaste Manufacturing Line

We provide shampoo and detergent manufacturing lines according to the requirements of customers such as liquid shampoo, bath cream, abstergent, toning lotion and so on. The filling capacity of our manufacturing line ranges from 5ml/g to 5000ml/g while filling speed is 25-30pcs/min.

Our manufacturing line can also be customized according to your packaging requirements of your products. You can choose tube, bottle, pot and other filling containers and the material of the containers like glass, plastic or others.

What's more, our company has a complete set of cosmetic equipment ranging from dosing machine, emulsifying machine, filling and sealing machine, and automatic packaging equipment. We also help customers design their plant and provide service of upgrade and reformation of equipment in the future.

Major Advantage of our manufacturing line
1. Our manufacturing line can be fully customized.
2. According to the demands of customers, our filling system can be equipped with a CIP cleansing function and SIP sterilization function.

Production process
Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Equipment → Homogenizing Mixer Machine → Fully automatic liquid filling machine →Filling and sealing machine → Wrap Labeling Machine → Inkjet printing machine

Production process

Single equipment

1. Our company has focused on cosmetic equipment for more than 18 years and we can help you develop the formula for your cosmetic products.
2. We offer guidance in purchasing raw materials for your products.
3. Our engineers will help install and debug the equipment in production fields and provide training for workers free of charge.
4. Our factory has enough storage of equipment parts such as stainless steel valves, hoppers, sight glass lighting, steel pipes and so on. If you need any parts for our equipment, we can supply it.
5. We offer upgrade services for all kinds of equipment.

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