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Here at Yuxiang, we have supplied customers with production equipment for emulsion and liquid cosmetics since 2009. We design and assemble professional grade stainless steel products and automatic production lines. Some of our best selling products include the Vacuum emulsifying machine, homogenizing mixer machine, RO water filtration equipment, stainless steel storage tank, perfume manufacturing equipment, toothpaste manufacturing machine, and shampoo manufacturing machine.

      1. RHJ-A Vacuum Emulsifying MachineThe RHJ-A vacuum emulsifying machine is widely applied in the mixing process of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products. It is equipped with a homogenizer on the bottom. The power of our machine can be increased and the max rotation speed is up to 12000r/min with a large stirring power.
      1. RHJ-B Vacuum Mixing Emulsifying MachineThe RHJ-B vacuum mixing emulsifying machine is designed to mix makeup, cream and ointment, toothpaste and other high viscosity materials. This type of machine can realize internal circulation homogenization or external circulation homogenization. The mixing capacity is up to 3000L.
      1. RHJ-C Mixing Emulsifying MachineThe Yuxian RHJ-C mixing emulsifying machine adopts a vacuum suction system with adjustable speed mixer, which is especially suitable for all kinds of cosmetic liquid, emulsion, cream and ointment processing. The max rotation speed of the mixer is up to 3600r/min while the low rotation speed is 0~63r/min.
      1. RHJ-D High Shear Mixer Emulsifying MachineOur RHJ-D high shear mixer emulsifying machine features a max rotation speed of 6000r/min and adopts bidirectional mixing system which is suitable for the mixing of cosmetic products, emulsions, cream and ointment, and pharmaceuticals and so on.
      1. RHJ-E Spiral Mixing Emulsifying MachineThe RHJ-E spiral mixing emulsifying machine is used to mix ointment, unguent, cosmetic products, food, cream and other emulsions. This type of emulsifying machine is equipped with a spiral mixer, which is especially suitable for materials with high viscosity and solid content.
    1. Homogenizing mixer machines are important pieces of equipment in cosmetics manufacturing factories especially for shampoo and detergent products such as liquid shampoo and detergent, bath cream, facial cleaner, hand lotion and so on. The mixer system has the function of mixing, dispersing, heating, freezing, discharging and defoaming.
    1. The RO water filtration system is used for the separation, purification and concentration of various liquid types. Water production conductivity: first grade≦10μs/cm, second grade≦2.5μs/cm, EDI≦0.5μs/cm.
    1. Automatic Filling MachineThe automatic filling machine is a newly designed machine that incorporates touch screen control for a simple operation.
    1. Semi-Automatic Filling MachineYuxiang offers a full line of semi-automatic filling machines, ranging from liquid, to creams and all the way to aerosol can filling equipment. We also offer customized equipment to meet customer requirements.
    1. Plastic Tube, Laminated Tube Filling Capping Sealing MachineLaminated tube filling and capping sealing machines are used to fill and seal plastic tubes and laminated tubes. This equipment can be printed on according to customer requirements, and materials include a liquid and high viscosity paste material.
    1. Automatic Metal Tube Filling Capping Sealing MachineAutomatic metal tube filling capping sealing machines are used to fill and seal plastic tubes and laminated tubes. This equipment can be printed on according to customer requirements, and materials include a liquid and high viscosity paste material.
    1. We offer stainless steel storage tanks for indoor storage that range in capacity from 100 to 15,000liters, as well as a 2,000L stainless steel storage tank for outdoor use. These storage tanks can store cosmetics, medicines, milk, yogurt, purified water, beverages, fruit juices and other liquid materials.
    1. The labeling machine can be customized to meet customer requirements, and is used to label round bottles, cone bottles or flat bottles. These bottles are used for just about anything, ranging from hair products, to cosmetics, to food and drink, and everything in between.
    1. Industrial inkjet printers are used to label a variety of information, including production dates, trademarks, barcodes and more on different products, without coming into direct contact with said product. Printing function: product batch number, number, count, graphics, automatic continuous printing, delayed printing, orthography, anti-word, inverted word printing
    1. Conveying tables are an economical choice for product movement in factories servicing a wide array of industries in order to achieve automatic transport. Not only can they be used to move ordinary materials, but conveyors are also commonly used to move oil resistant materials

Yuxiang mainly provides emulsion processing equipment for making cosmetics, shampoo, perfume, toothpaste, and so on. The main equipment in the complete production lines including emulsifier mixer, homogenizer mixer, RO water filter, bottle filling machine, tube filling capping and sealing machine. The process line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, emulsification and homogenization, filling and sealing, as well as packaging, and the machines can be configured in customer needs to make different types of liquid, cream, ointment products.