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Industrial Inkjet Printer

  • Industrial Inkjet Printer
  • Industrial Inkjet Printer
  • Industrial Inkjet Printer
  • Industrial Inkjet Printer

Industrial inkjet printers are used to label a variety of information, including production dates, trademarks, barcodes and more on different products, without coming into direct contact with said product.

Printing function: product batch number, number, count, graphics, automatic continuous printing, delayed printing, orthography, anti-word, inverted word printing

Print material: paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, rubber

Font lattice 7×6, 7×8, 8×12, 12×12, 16×16, 24×24, 5×5
Printing lines 1-3 lines
Font height 1.2-15mm
Printing direction Omni bearing adjust
Font width Up to 9 times
Power 30W
power supply 220V±10%VAC,50HZ
Ambient temperature 5-40℃
environment humidity 10%-90%RH (no dew formation )
Dimensions (L x W x H) 530 x 420 x 290mm
Weight 30KG
Print content Graph, word

The stainless steel shell meets IP55 protection standards, and will not be easily contaminated by dust. This makes it suitable for numerous work environments.

1. Ink System: The ink system is separate from the circuit control system in order to avoid mutual influence.
2. Using a phase detection circuit and detection software ensures the print quality in different environments3. The printer is equipped with an exhaust gas collecting pipe that can discharge the exhaust gas or discharge water to prevent ink evaporation, and solvent from being leaked into the production workshop.
4. The nozzle has an automatic cleaning function, meaning the device will automatically spray a solvent to clean the nozzle. The nozzle plate is also easy to take apart and clean separately.
5. When a sudden power outage occurs, the computerized UPS printing system will keep the printer running for a short amount of time, preventing ink outflow so as to protect the nozzle assembly and the printed object from getting dirty.

Yuxiang as a leading industrial inkjet printer manufacturer and supplier, mainly provides inkjet printing equipment attatched with the equipment lines. Our company offer complete lotion and cream process line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, emulsifying, homogenizing, filling and sealing as well as custom solutions.

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